Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sauveterre de Bearn

This does not fair well for the rest of our holidays, a great litttle pastry shop so close by - of course I said "No thanks"

Just had to take a photo of lunch, not much I know but to prove that I am eating well. There may well be a few saturated animal fats, but just look at the vegetables! A trip to the market at Sauveterre de Bearne and we return with a few cured meats, some georgeous beef heart tomatoes, little sweet radishes and some delicious soft fresh goat's cheese.

This is what shopping is all about, it's hard not to cook beautiful food when you see stuff like this, what a pleasure. The cepes and chanterelles (wild mushrooms) are in season, these little beauty's were on my culinary hit list. We don't see them in Oz unless they are air frieghted in and are so expensive. I avoid them like the plague. I am thinking "breakfast" fried quickly with a touch of garlic and a little flat parsely, a couple of poached free range eggs and one of those crunchy baguettes - oohh yeh! 

Hard to beat scenery like this, Pyrenees in the distance and the footprints left by generations past. The bridge in the picture dates back to the Romans.

Gateaux Basque. Another little regional speciality!.