Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hello from France

After the first series of MasterChef George Calombaris in his wisdom booked a quick trip to Greece. In hindsight this was a clever and shrewd move. One, he got to cruise around on the azure blue waters of the Mediterranean and two, he avoided all the publicity engagements required of us post production. Being George, of course, this was all under the guise of checking on his restaurant.

So well before we started filming series two, I booked the family holiday. It had to be Europe, a foodie holiday! France was a must, maybe a quick jaunt into Spain to visit the food mecca of San Sebastian and visit both sets of parents and show Jenna our daughter where we grew up.

So if you have all been working hard this year and you would like to live a little of my travels vicariously through the genesis of this blog then tune in. Warning in advance of course that I love to take pictures of lots of scenery and if the food is really, really good - I'll most probably forget to photograph it , before I have eaten it!

Arrived early afternoon from Paris to find my wife's parents and brother waiting by the gate at our first port of call - SW France and a little village called Gurs.  The nearest big town to Gurs is Pau (airport there).  The house was rented online and we had no idea what to expect but just take a look at this, everything we could have hoped for, quite, beautiful countryside and a stones throw from the Pyrenees and the Spanish border.

 Time for a big shop tomorrow but for now a quick trip to the walled city of Navarrenx, 10 minutes down the road to buy a few provisions for our first meal in France.  This is brilliant,  sunny, 21 degrees, local Bayonne ham, ventrenche, a local sheeps cheese called Brebis and baby figs plucked from a tree next to the white house - OMG! this is going to be a good holiday.

 Pictures of Navarrenx, Sauveterre de Bearn to follow.....!


  1. My sister and parents have a flat in Ceret, I think that's pretty close to you - really gorgeous part of France!

  2. I see...................................