Saturday, October 2, 2010

Gary Mehigan and George Calombaris - Your Place or Mine

What better way to tie our foodie history together than to write a book. So here it is "Your Place Or Mine" authored by my good self and friend George Calombaris. We have known each other a long time, over 15 years now. A good chunk of that time has been shoulder to shoulder in busy kitchens under fire from hungry customers. I think we have a few stories and more than a few good recipes that are worth sharing.

On a flight back form Perth, after the Good Food & Wine Show we started putting pen to paper, throwing dishes and flavours about. Its a very rewarding process, not like work at all, talking about food, our favourite things, sharing thoughts and ideas. In our usual way, it all gets carried away rather quickly, we can not help it, we love food and of course talking about food makes us hungry - a great way to come up with delicious dishes!


  1. Hi Gary,
    Tis is Vishnu from India(from the southern most part of the country). I enjoy your show Master chef Australia season 2 which i started watching. i should tell you this faithfully,that i learnt a lot of nuances in handling the kitchen tools only from watching your show, and my interest for cooking grew more only after seeing that show. normally we in India, Particularly in south India we change the whole taste of the raw ingredient while cooking, and so far i thought that this way alone is the best from of doing things. But now i realize how much wrong my notions were. you three people (George and Matt)have been the eye openers for my western dishes. The girl who thought that pizzas and pastas as some alien food started loving to eat and cook(that's me!). I am looking forward for more interesting episodes from you people.
    Truly Yours,

  2. I wish to have a chance to talk with you guys!