Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Pyrenees

The Bearn area is know for foie gras of course and this is corn that they feed the ducks and geese on to produce it. There is field after field of the stuff. All of it animal feed so my plan of lifting one or two cobs from this quiet little spot are thworted.

The little walled commune of Navarenx is a charming little place, a fabulous pastry shop, two artisan butchers and a bar off the village square next to the town hall. It takes bit of getting used to but the fact that all the shops shut for a couple of hours in the afternoon is a blessing. It means snack time and of course a few glasses of wine. The local stuff is Madiran, a powerful red that is said to cure all manner of ills. It’s made from the Tannat grape as well as cabernet franc. They are earthy, big and tannic. I have a feeling we’ll be drinking a few of these.

Today was an opportunity to do a round trip out through Oloron into the Pyrenees over the Spanish border into the little town of Isaba and then back through the ski resort of ArĂȘte Saint Pierre Martin. The mountains and scenery are incredible, coming from a relatively flat country like Australia the altitude is a thrill. Especially when the climb involves few barriers, lots of gravel, horses in the middle of the road and shear drops!

Now this is what I want to be doing, for those of you that know me - I love bikes! Maybe next year!

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